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The most common work that we do here at Lot Scapes is cleaning up the property around a home on a small farm or in a neighborhood. Generally this work is called a "Plantation Cut" which is a description that we created because our completed work often resembles the park like nature of a southern plantation. This work involves leaving the large canopy trees and any other small trees such as Dogwoods, Redbud etc. that the homeowner chooses and grinding up the undesirable scrub brush, small trees, briars and vines.
Our process is easy on the terrain and creates minimal land disturbance which is why we generally do not have to obtain any permits to complete our work. The equipment used for this process is a low ground pressure rubber tracked skid steer that we have custom made for the Forestry Mulching application. Depending on the terrain, the result is greatly improved access and usability of your property that can be maintained with a bush hog or spraying of a broad leaf killer such as 2-4-D which kills leafy stuff and not grass. We charge based on the time that is required to complete your project and will gladly meet with you at no charge to estimate the cost.

There are times when more than simple brush cutting is required to complete your project. For whatever reason you may want all of the trees cleared from your property. Conventional land clearing and bulldozing creates extensive land disturbance and generally involves a conservation plan, permitting with the authorities and possibly silt fencing or some form of erosion control barrier.
Lot Scapes has the equipment and expertise to remove large trees while leaving the soil intact by mechanically grinding the stumps, tops and laps. This process leaves behind a blanket of mulch to minimize erosion and is often the preferred way of cleaning up behind a large scale timber harvest, bark beetle infestation or storm damage. The most common complaint is that it requires more time to plant grass or crops, however the end result over time is a more nutrient rich soil base as the decomposing mulch serves as fertilizer as it breaks down.

Most of us enjoy the great outdoors. Many people own property that they cannot access or enjoy simply because the trees, brush and vegetation is to thick and impassable. Whether hiking, horseback riding, hunting or ATV riding Lot Scapes has the expertise and equipment to clear trails or roadways on your property.
Whether you want property boundary lines established or a meandering trail between the large canopy trees we can get the job done quickly and efficiently. We take the time and care to trim back overhead limbs and branches, creating a trail that is enjoyable to traverse whether walking or mounted on horseback. We have created trails for almost every government agency as well as many private parks and retreats. Chances are that if you have been on public trails in Virginia, you have been on our trails.

We are often approached by landowners who want a small tract of timber harvested for a variety of reasons from insect infestation, expanding pasture or adding a barn or storage building. Conventional logging operations do not generally harvest small tracts due to mobilization costs and inefficiency. At Lot Scapes we have the equipment and capability to harvest small timber tracts, however we do charge a fee for this service and we do not purchase timber as the costs are very high for this type of work. Please contact us if you have small acreage that you need to harvest and we will be glad to meet with you at no charge to discuss your options for completing your project.

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